StandFast Alliance identified a need for resiliency training to help first responders, military personnel and families optimize performance and deal with occupational stress. Through our educational workshops and peer coaching programs we seek to make resiliency training accessible to this community.


WHAT IS Resiliency Training?

Resiliency is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt to change, stress or adversity. Resilient individuals are better able to operate from a place of optimal performance. First responders and military personnel are exposed to an additional layer of challenges due to their occupations. Family members may also be directly and indirectly affected by these occupational challenges.

There are many ways to increase resiliency. One way is through HRV (Heart Rate Variability) biofeedback training. HRV biofeedback training is a science based tool used by military special operations, first responders and medical personnel to promote optimal health and performance. A simple ear sensor allows a person to see into the body's physiological state. Self regulating tools are then taught to help all of the body systems to work together as coherently as possible. This coherent state sets a new baseline within the body which maximizes individual potential under stress.


  1. Situational Awareness and Clarity

  2. Judgment Under Stress

  3. Reaction Time and Coordination

  4. Decrease Fatigue and Sleep Disturbance

Please see our Science of Biofeedback page for more information.



  1. Identify: We Consult with individuals or key leaders in organizations to identify their challenges and needs.

  2. Customize: SFA confers with peer coaches and members of the Biofeedback community to design a program for the individuals or organizations that meet their needs.

  3. Implement: We conduct training sessions through our educational workshops or peer coach programs to inform and train the client.

  4. Sustain: SFA provides tools and resources for individuals and organizations to become self-sufficient in resiliency training.


Since 2016, we have provided scholarships for HeartMath Resiliency Coaches within the first responder and military communities. Each sponsored peer coach receives an internationally recognized license as a Heartmath Resilience Advantage Coach. Upon completion, graduates of the program are certified to coach individuals and groups in biofeedback techniques and self-regulating tools to improve their resiliency. If you are a current or retired first responder, member of the armed forces, or family member and are interested in becoming a peer coach contact us at info@standfastalliance.org.

We are proud to announce that in 2018 we are sponsoring a second scholarship program called Add Heartmath Facilitator. If you are a current or retired first responder, member of the armed forces, or family member and are interested in becoming a facilitator contact us at info@standfastalliance.org.


StandFast Alliance partners with departments and organizations to conduct customized educational presentations and programs for past and present first responders, members of the military, as well as their families. Previously, in partnership with Friends of Firefighters, we conducted a train-the-trainer workshop called Peak Performance Coaching with instructors from the FDNY Fire Academy. The workshop educated instructors on peak performance tools to help probationary firefighters boost mental performance and decision-making ability. Contact info@standfastalliance.org if you would like us to customize a presentation for your department or organization.